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Basic Details for Provident Fund Registration

Eligibility To Register For EPF

Any company with more than 20 employees must register before beginning the EPF process. Smaller businesses that do not meet the required minimum strength can register of their own volition. Other businesses with a larger workforce are required to register themselves within a month of reaching the requisite strength, and late registration will result in penalties.

If a cooperative society has 50 or more employees, they are required to register. Even when their total workforce falls below the minimum required number, registered companies are still required to abide by the Act’s laws and regulations.


Necessary Information to Register for EPF Online

Employers can register both offline and online, although the online approach is unquestionably simpler and quicker. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization’s website offers a download for the registration form (EPFO).


The following information is required of employers in order to successfully register.

  • Name and Address of the business
  • Details of Head office and branch
  • The company’s incorporation or registration date.
  • Complete the personnel information, including the number of employees.
  • The type of the company’s business
  • Legal information, such as a company’s legal standing
  • Information about the owner, including the title and address of the company’s directors and partners.
  • Details pertaining to the pay component of employees
  • Information about the bank that the corporation has a banking relationship with
  • PAN information
  • Information about the employee (name, date of joining, salary, etc.)

The above information must be entered into a form called the “Proforma for Coverage” to complete the registration process. In addition, employers are required to submit Form 5A with Annexure 1 to finish the process.


Documents Needed for Online EPF Registration 


  • A photocopy of a public or private limited company’s certificate of incorporation.
  • Companies are required to submit a copy of their registration certificate.
  • Companies are required to provide a copy of their governing documents.
  • Every legal document that the Income Tax Act may demand
  • Company PAN information
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Public and Private Limited Companies must be submitted.
  • Deed of partition
  • Evidence of incorporation: first sales invoice or license from the appropriate authorities
  • Employee salary information
  • Details of the balance sheet


Procedures For EPF Online Registration


  1. Have all the documentation specified above available.
  2. Visit the E-Seva website at and carefully read the instructions.
  3. Complete the necessary fields and submit the form online.
  4. Type the CAPTCHA code and select “Get Pin” from the menu.
  5. Enter the private Pin that was sent to your registered mail ID or cell phone.
  6. Click “Submit” to obtain the PDF.
  7. Save and print the PDF so it may be delivered later to the EPF office.

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